Eco-wash specializes in vinyl siding cleaning. vinyl siding cleaning

We use soft wash house wash techniques that allow us to quickly and efficiently clean your home removing dirt, grime and algae.  We never use any pressure when washing your house. Our vinyl siding cleaning solution is applied at low pressure and is safe for your home and landscape. Once the solution is allowed to work, 5 minutes or so, then we rinse it off completely with low pressure.

No Job is Complete Until You’re Satisfied

Our services in the Halifax area come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We ask each customer to inspect our work and don’t leave until your home is spotless.

Safety First

No Ladders – Thats right we never use ladders when washing your vinyl siding. Instead we use a combination of specialized long range spray tips, high gallon per minute power washers and extension wands to reach the highest points of your home.

Low Pressure – We don’t need any pressure to clean your home thanks to our secret eco friendly cleaning solution. It contains a variety of surfactants, and mold removers applied at the right ratio to quickly clean your home.

Free Vinyl Siding Cleaning Estimates in Halifax

Phone us today at 902-471-4666 or contact us online for a free over the phone estimate. We service the Halifax Regional Municipality and surrounding areas.