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Low Pressure Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in the HRM
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Traditionally roof washers used high pressure to blast the mold and tiny micro organisms from your roof. The problem is the high pressure would actually cause further damage is it eroded away the fine asphalt particles that make up your shingles.

Its hard to believe that those black or green stains on your roof are actually doing more than reducing the appearance of your home. The damage those microorganism cause is something not quite visible by the human eye, usually until its too late. As algae, mold and bacteria grow the produce chemicals that break down the surface they are growing on. Essentially they are slowly decomposing your shingles, and this is eventually going to lead to a much reduced life of your roof.

There is now a new way to clean your roof!

Using a new process a specialized chemical is applied to the entire roof surface. Its effect is immediately visible as it creates a thick white foam over the entire roof. This solution soaks right into the shingles and lifts the years of mold, algae and bacteria from the roof. Also, the solution kills and prevents the return of further mold and algae. Once the solution has had time to do its work, we use low pressure to rinse the lifted debris from the roof.

Safety is our number 1 priority!

If we can work from the ground we do, however often we will need to get up on the roof. When we do we always use our specialized protective equipment to prevent a fall. To ensure our safety we must mount a bracket to your roof, upon job completion we will remove this bracket and fill the nail holes.

How much does it cost?

Roof washing is based on a sq foot pricing, we can easily calculate a price given we have the length and width of the house and an estimate of the pitch. Typically roof washing using the soft wash technique isn’t overly expensive, this is because there is a significant time savings vs. traditional methods. Discounts are available when packaged in the a exterior siding or deck wash.

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Here is a video outlining the roof wash process (this isn’t our crew, but gives a good idea of how it is done)