Residential Power Washing

siding cleaningEco Wash provides complete power washing and power cleaning services to homeowners in the Halifax Regional Municipality. Keep your house looking great with our premium siding cleaning service.

Services Include

  • Siding Cleaning
  • Deck Restoration
  • Eavestrough cleaning
  • Driveways and all concrete

Why choose us?

  • Licensed and insured
  • Members of the BBB
  • We use only environmentally friendly cleaning solutions
  • We offer reasonable pricing


Why soft wash your house and siding?

Most people choose to have their house washed for increased curb appeal. However, keeping your siding and property clean can come with additional unseen benefits. Keeping your siding clean extends its life. The mold/algae growing on your siding produces a byproduct that actually begins to slowly dissolve and damage your siding. Its important not to let this damage get out of control as it can lead to very costly repairs or early replacement of your siding.

Further the mold growing on your home gives off spores that can enter your home, these spores can affect people with allergy’s or the spores can spread to other areas. A clean exterior is just as important as a clean interior.

Nothing looks better than a clean home, if your planning on selling or just want to get that like new look Eco Wash Halifax can make that happen.

About our process:

First, upon contacting us one of our staff will give you a call or email to discuss the details of the service required. We will either come out and have a look at the project or in some cases a cost can be calculated based on the sq footage to be cleaned.

Next, upon agreeing to our estimate and proposed work we will schedule a date to have the work completed. Most power cleaning can be done rain or shine. On the scheduled date one or two staff will show up with all the proper cleaning equipment and begin to clean your home. All plants around the cleaning area are first sprayed with water to prevent any harm from the cleaning solutions.

Low Pressure Siding Cleaning – Our cleaning products are designed to take most of the pressure out of pressure washing, the advanced solutions lift dirt, algae and debris off the surface and allow us to clean your siding without the use of high pressure.

Upon finishing we do a complete inspection to ensure no areas were missed and you are completely satisfied.